Systems Integration, DUT Boards, Custom Hardware, Calibration & Characterization

Custom Cable Design, Manufacturing, & Test

Microwave Transmission Lines, Switching, & Path Compensation

Racking & Cabling

System Verification Hardware & Software

Turnkey Solutions

From bench top to multi-bay racks, ITC’s system integration capabilities will meet your every need.

ITC’s software, firmware, and hardware design capabilities, complemented by a rich set of subcontract manufacturers, yields single-vendor solutions that satisfy complex requirements: custom analog and digital hardware, microwave transmission lines & components, test fixtures, and system interconnect cabling.

So whether it’s high-speed digital, microwave switching and cabling, mixed-signal, low-speed control and power supply, ITC can put it all together with efficiency, quality, and speed.

Custom cables designed by ITC provide professional commercial off the shelf (COTS) look & performance.

System Verification hardware and software is an integrated approach ITC prefers to provide with every system. Integrated test system verification lowers the risk of erroneous test results and rapidly assists in the diagnosis, fault-isolation, and repair verification of test equipment and test system interconnects. Be ready to run 24/7/52.

ITC has provided systems complete with verification hardware and software for digital, analog, mixed-signal, and microwave test systems with switched-path-compensated bandwidths to 40GHz.

Over 25 years of ATE and T&M experience resolving your test challenges.