Software Architecture & Development

Heterogeneous Networks

Platform Alternatives Analysis

Real-Time, GUI, Scientific Applications

Database, Formatters, Parsers, Translators


Leading-edge software solutions for multiple platforms including Red-Hat, Novell Suse, Fedora, and other Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows NT/2000/XP/Win7/8/10, macOS, as well as other flavors / inspirations of the Unix operating system, and other platforms such as Android, iOS, Raspbian, Broadcom / Cypress WICED, Arduino, and recognition of Wind River VxWorks.

Languages including ANSI C, C++, Java, C#, .NET C++, VB, Awk, Perl, Lex/YACC (Flex/Bison), TCL/TK, LabVIEW, SWIFT, Objective-C and uncountable proprietary and open-source libraries. Recognition of Python and it's inherent strengths and one significant flaw.

Multi-process, multi-threaded, synchronized, and real-time applications in mainstream OS's and embedded applications. Embedded low-level softare development.

GUI's including Visual Studio .NET WinForms, LabVIEW, X-Windows Motif, QT, Android Studio, Eclipse, Java-AWT, Java-Swing, Applets, HTML based web-browsers, and Visual C++/MFC.

Web Servers based on Apache, Java Servlets with Oracle / mySQL and other SQL compatible back-end technology or Microsoft ASP and web-server extensions compatible technology. Formatting via CSS or XML / XSL.

Network configuration including heterogeneous networks, WAN, firewalls, VPN, and Samba based solutions.

Documentation in Doxygen, MS Office, OrCAD, Turbo-CAD, MS Project, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe, PDF, HTML, and other popular tools / formats.

ITC's experience precedes and includes research of object-oriented architectures and languages as early as 1986. Those fundamental studies complement capabilities in the area of UNIX/C and interprocess communication, multi-tasking operating systems applications development, multiple application integration, middleware software interfaces, and robotic equipment drivers.

Key Benefits